Rei e Rainha do Mar, open water swimming competition at Copacabana

IMG_1101 IMG_1123 IMG_1131 IMG_1135 IMG_1137 IMG_1157 IMG_1163 IMG_1164 IMG_1167 IMG_1168 IMG_1171 IMG_1179This sunday morning, at Copacabana beach, the open water swimming event “Rei e Rainha do Mar” (which means “King and Queen of the Sea”) gathered together many amateurs and professional swimmers of all ages.

The athletes competed in different styles and distances, and there was also a Stand up Paddle race.

I had the opportunity to watch the swimming race start for the 3,5 k challenge for men and women categories and it was quite a beautiful spectacle.

In this post I share with you some of the photos I took at the beach, before I went to Copacabana sidewalk to watch the racers of another sport event, the Rio Half Marathon, who were passing by Avenida Atlantica. Those photos I will share with you later this week.

Have a nice week everyone!



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Casa Momus, a sophisticated option in Lapa

Last night, me and my husband went out for a happy hour with a couple of friends! It was a special night! My friend, the guy, would introduce us to his fianceé and give us their wedding invitation. I know this guy for 14 years, and although we don’t see too much lately he is a very good friend and I was very happy to know that he is getting married soon. We worked together in two companies and he ended becaming a close friend. Although we have the same age, I consider him almost as an older brother and he was one of the groomsmen on our wedding. So there was plenty of reasons for a happy hour celebration!

We didn’t know very well where to go, and we ended up in Rua do Lavradio , in Lapa neighborhood, looking for a bar to have a couple of drinks. But we were seduced by the atmosphere of an apparently new house in Rua do Lavradio, called Casa Momus.

The soft lightening of the place invited us in and we decided to stay and try this new place.

This restaurant/bar is in a preserved old house, from the 19th century. The decoration is modern and cozy, and the music is relaxing.

The menu is based in mediterranean influences. I’ve tried the bruschettes trio and the asparagus risotto. Both of them very tasty!

Although they recommended for drinks  the Spritz, an italian drink, me and my friends fiancée decided to toast the night with a glass of wine. While the boys, preferred beer.

The happy hour turned out in a lovely dinner, with a combination of tasty food and lively conversation with good friends! We couldn’t make a better choice than Casa Momus for last night.

It is a great option in Lapa, totally different from the samba houses and botecos from the neighborhood. It has a great atmosphere and the prices are quite fair.

I’m definitely planning another visit!!

 Casa Momus – Rua do Lavradio, 11 – Lapa – Rio de Janeiro

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Another cold front on the way


Every winter in Rio is just like that. Although we have many sunny days that really feels like summertime, those sequence of hot days are once in a while interrupted by a cold front bringing cold breezes and some rain.

Although I like when Rio gets a little colder than usual, my health can’t deal with all those temperature variations (one day can be 30ºC and the next can be 20ºC). After recovering from a flu, now I’m trying to recover from my allergies.

Anyway, I still prefer winter in Rio rather than summer. To celebrate winter time here, I just went for a walk by the beach today and didn’t resist to take this shot. I hope you like it!


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Sunny weekend

IMG_9063Clouds and rain are taking a break this next days! The weekend will be sunny and the temperatures are getting high (maximum 35°C). It seems we’ll gone taste a little summer this weekend!

Prepare your beachwear and your havaianas! And of course don’t forget to put your sunscreen!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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One year of “Lixo Zero”, the campaign to keep Rio streets clean

Lixo Zero team, a municipal guard and the

Lixo Zero team patroling Copacabana beach

This week the “Lixo Zero” campaign in Rio de Janeiro celebrates one year. For those who are not familiar with that, let me explain a little bit. A year ago, Rio de Janeiro’s major, started a campaign in order to ridding the city of trash. The Lixo Zero campaign is based on a municipal law and gives city employees and police enlisted in the initiative the power to levy fines against people who litter. The fines for those who are caught throwing garbage on the streets can be pretty high, varying from R$ 157 to R$3000, depending on the size of the trash.

Applying fines was the way Rio’s Major found to try to make people aware of the importance of discarding garbage on the right place and keeping the city cleaner. The fines are applied by teams, formed by street cleaners, municipal guards and military police officers.

So, if you are planning to visit Rio, be aware that even throwing a cigarette but on the streets can  result in an expensive charge for you!

Let’s collaborate to keep Rio clean!





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