A break

It seems an eternity since my last post. I feel like I have abandoned my blog and I feel so sorry for that. But it is just that things are going quite crazy around here. I’m trying to catch up with all the things I left behind because of my surgery three weeks ago. The days at home resting and relaxing are over. I’m almost 100% recovered and now I have to rush to put things in order in time for our family vacation next week.

But yesterday I just stopped a little bit. I deserved a little break from this Christmas season craziness and as I was walking in Ipanema neighborhood I though it would be nice to make a little detour on my way to feel the ocean breeze for a while. And I didn’t regret myself, this picture is here to prove it!


It was all I needed to feel a little renewed!

Have a nice weekend!!

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Weekend nostalgia

Cópia de IMG_0026 Cópia de IMG_0027 Cópia de IMG_0028As going out is not an option for me lately, as explained here, I’m taking all the spare time I have to do things I was planning to do simple things, like organizing my photo folders in my computer. And this week, as me and my husband celebrated our 12th first-date anniversary, I felt in the mood of reviewing the pictures of a weekend trip we did to Saquarema, a beach town in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in our first year of marriage, in 2006.

Saquarema is located in Região dos Lagos (Lakes Region), around 102 km far from Rio de Janeiro city, a rustic town which offers few attractions besides the beaches with perfect conditions for surfing. In that time my husband used to surf on a regular basis and as we didn’t have our little boy yet, I used to go to the beach with him and spend the waiting time, while he surfed, taking pictures like these.

In that time I  used to have only a small point-and-shoot Canon camera, which although being compact made wonderful pictures and which I still miss it and makes me feel even more nostalgic about that time.

Got happy to see these sunset pictures again and just wanted to share with you!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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Bed rest

The first time my doctor said I had to go under a medical procedure right away and that I would have to stay in bed for a couple of days to rest  I got a little scared.  Going to the hospital wasn’t on my plans at all for this november. Specially this time of the year, when everything seems to happen at the same time.

But when I realized it wasn’t really a big deal, and that it would be better for my health, I understood that the quicker I arranged the things the better.

Well, one week has already passed and everything gone very well. I’m still recovering but feeling great! I’m taking the opportunity of staying at home to catch up with all the reading I’ve been postponing for a while. My magazines, favourite blogs and some books are my best friends lately.IMG_1870 Have a nice weekend!

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Tasting a little bit of Adventure in Rio

IMG_4005 IMG_1325 IMG_0688Well, adventure doesn’t fit too much my lifestyle nowadays, as being a full-time mom is my priority in the moment. But I still believe that I can add a little bit of adventure in my daily life.

I live in Rio, a city totally oriented for sports and adventure. Beaches, nature, mountains and parks all over the the city makes Rio the perfect location to practice all kind of sports.  Surfing, Body boarding, windsurf, kite surf, beach volley, footvolley, running, cycling, hang gliding, hiking, rock climbing,diving, and much more, just to list some of the sports you can easily practice in Rio, if you feel in the mood for that.

Maybe a little bit of adventure will be on my bucket list for 2015, but meanwhile I keep just following some Instagram profiles that gives me the extra dose of adventure in my life.

So, if you are planning to visit Rio and want to try a more extreme experience, check those profiles on Instagram to taste a little bit of the adventures Rio has to offer: @desbravandorio , @nattripecoturismo , @standuppaddlerj, @rioxtreme

Have a nice day!

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Arpoador, the perfect spot to admire sunset in Rio

IMG_1877 IMG_1883 IMG_1891 IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1896 IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1907


Arpoador, the only place in the world (at least as far as I know)  from where people watch the sun going down clapping. And it is not only another tale about Rio! People,specially during summer, go to Pedra do Arpoador, and really claps their hands while admiring the most beautiful sunset in Rio.

But I have a confession to make! Although I’ve been a thousand times to Arpoador beach, I’ve never watched the sunset from Arpoador rock as lots of tourists and locals do.  As I’ve mentioned somewhere before in this blog I just run away from those crowded spots during summer in Rio. Trying to redeem myself from this terrible mistake, some weeks ago I went up there for the first time with my husband. It was a little early to watch the sun going down, but the scenery from up there is gorgeous at any time of the day.

For those who are not familiar where Arpoador is, Arpoador is the piece of sand between Ipanema beach and the Arpoador Rock ( that rock that you see on your left when looking to the sea at Ipanema beach ). It is a nice beach to visit, for a jump in the sea, to watch the guys and girls surfing  and to feel the real carioca atmosphere in the end of a day.

There is a small and easy trail that takes you to the top of the rock, from where you will be able to see on your left side Praia do Diabo and Copacabana, and on your right side Ipanema, Leblon and Morro Dois Irmãos.

It is a fantastic place to sit down ,breathe the fresh breeze from the sea, let all your thoughts go away and recharge the batteries while admiring the beautiful landscape.

Just some smart tips:

- Don’t let the beautiful scenery make you forget you are in Rio and take care of your belongings;

- Avoid showing off your smartphone or cameras too much, some young delinquents love to rob Iphones and Smartphones in the Arpoador neighborhood;

- During summer time, and that includes not only the official summer, but all the weekends that feels like summer, the area gets crowded and pickpocketing is very usual, specially during sunny Sundays.  So if you can choose, prefer going during the week, it will be quieter and more relaxing!

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