One year of “Lixo Zero”, the campaign to keep Rio streets clean

Lixo Zero team, a municipal guard and the

Lixo Zero team patroling Copacabana beach

This week the “Lixo Zero” campaign in Rio de Janeiro celebrates one year. For those who are not familiar with that, let me explain a little bit. A year ago, Rio de Janeiro’s major, started a campaign in order to ridding the city of trash. The Lixo Zero campaign is based on a municipal law and gives city employees and police enlisted in the initiative the power to levy fines against people who litter. The fines for those who are caught throwing garbage on the streets can be pretty high, varying from R$ 157 to R$3000, depending on the size of the trash.

Applying fines was the way Rio’s Major found to try to make people aware of the importance of discarding garbage on the right place and keeping the city cleaner. The fines are applied by teams, formed by street cleaners, municipal guards and military police officers.

So, if you are planning to visit Rio, be aware that even throwing a cigarette but on the streets can  result in an expensive charge for you!

Let’s collaborate to keep Rio clean!





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World Photo Day

Today is a special day! A day to celebrate photography! August 19th, the World Photography Day!

I thank photography for making my eyes more sensitive to the beauty of the World, for being more attentive to little details of life and nature and for relaxing my eyes from the chaos and stress of our daily lives.

This is my tribute to this World Photo Day, Copacabana beach in Black and White!

Black and White Copacabana

“World Photo Day originates from the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic processes developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre in 1837.” (extracted from World Photo Day website )

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Rua do Rosario

Rua do Mercado

Rua do Rosário, Centro, Rio de Janeiro

Most people associate Rio with sunny days and beautiful beaches. But this august, winter decided to be WINTER, and we are having many cloudy and cold days around here. Well, for us cariocas, 18°C is considered cold! ; )

So what to do in a cloudy and boring monday like today! My suggestion is to explore a little bit one of the most photogenic areas in Centro da Cidade, the city centre of Rio de Janeiro, the corner of Rua do Rosário and Rua do Mercado.

This place is located just behind Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), one of my favourite cultural centers in Rio and it is the perfect place to enjoy a little bit of the historical architecture of the area.

Although being quite close to Avenida Primeira de Março (where CCBB is located), a very busy and noisy street in the area, in this spot you can feel a little bit of the tranquility of the old times. Exploring this neighborhood you feel like you had travel in time.

After a leisure walk around the area you can stop by at any of the charming and small restaurants you will find on your way or just take the opportunity and visit CCBB.

Just a quick tip:  prefer exploring this area during daylight, for safety reasons.

Have a nice week!



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Good Morning Rio – Portraits by IMPREINT

Me and my red balloon at Forte de Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - photo by Juliana Natali

Cristina Landi (me) and a red balloon at Forte de Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro – photo by Juliana Natali

I was recently invited to join a very interesting art project by the artist IMPREINT. The name of the project is Portraits and it’s based on a very simple concept: the artist (IMPREINT) painted 1000 balloons a few years ago and while painting them he always said the paintings were like people: all different, imperfect yet all beautiful. He started Portraits in December last year to involve the people in his art in an uplifting way, unifying so the people around the world with a simple concept.

Portraits by IMPREINT

Portraits by IMPREINT

The balloon in this project is what links people from different parts of the world to his project.

My friend Juliana Natali was my photographer in this post, taking my photograph after having brunch with friends at Confeitaria Colombo, in Forte de Copacabana, a very interesting and touristic place in Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, from where we can have a beautiful view of Copacabana beach and Sugar Loaf on the background.

To know a little more about the artist and this project visit his webpage and his Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!!

Have a nice day!!

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Cloudy Rio

DSCN8302Winter in Rio is my favourite season to practice outdoor exercises. The sunny days and the cold winter breeze makes Rio the perfect location to practice sports. Even when the cold front arrives, and the sky gets cloudy and the weather decreases a little bit, many cariocas go to the beaches to practice sports and exercise.

I took this photo some days before the World Cup began. A beach volley ball team was preparing themselves to start their trainning. Those balls on the sand just caught my attention and I had to take a photo!

It was a cloudy day and me and my son went to the beach to play beach soccer. For my son, playing soccer on the sand is just fun, but for me is such a workout, as he is always kicking the ball so strong that I have to run a lot to catch it ! For someone like me that is always fighting the extra kilos it is a great exercise, mixed with great fun time with my boy. Much better than going to the gym club! Unfortunately we haven’t gone to the beach for this fun exercise too much lately! I’m trying to recover from a terrible flu for two weeks now. I hope by this next weekend  I will be feeling better and we will be able to go back to our exercise sessions!

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