Restaurante Gaivota, Homemade food in Buzios

IMG_1571 IMG_1561 IMG_1560 IMG_1567 IMG_1568 IMG_1569Sometimes when you are travelling, finding a place to eat that tastes like home can be quite difficult. But in Búzios, this beach town in the state of Rio, to where we go for weekend getaways once in a while, we have already found the perfect place to eat healthy and fresh home-made food tasting like home.

We go to Restaurante Gaivota for quite a long time. It is amazing how this modest family restaurant still remains offering the same standard of delicious food for years. There is no sophistication there.  Just some tables covered with plastic towels, attentive service, fair price and fresh food is enough to keep us faithful to this place over the years.

This last visit was a couple of weekends ago. We were arriving in Búzios by lunchtime after a 3 hour ride from Rio de Janeiro and it looked just perfect to make a pit-stop at Restaurante Gaivota for lunch, before we go to the inn we were staying.

Restaurante Gaivota is located near Geribá Beach, our favourite beach to stay in Búzios. So whenever we go to Buzios we always go there to have the same delicious meal, “Cação” Fillet (“cação” is the commercial name for small shark in Brazil) sided by rice and beans, french fries and salad. They have many options in their menu but  we just order the same dish every time! We just like to keep the tradition!

They like to keep things simple and you won’t find their website or Facebook page, because they just don’t have it. But believe me, if you are planning to visit Buzios, Gaivota is totally worth the visit! Try it and then let me know what did you find!

To know other people’s opinion check some comments on Tripadvisor.

Restaurante Gaivota – Rua Virginia, 24 , Búzios, Rio de Janeiro



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy


Fifa Headquarters, Zurich, 2007

Lately, this kind of landscape I can only see in my dreams!!!! So it sounded more than appropriate to pick this photo to join in the last-minute the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy by Daily Post. I’ve been dreaming a lot about another trip to Europe. Since my son was born we didn’t have the opportunity to visit the Old Continent again, and once in a while I find myself looking at those photos again.


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A Word a Week Photography Challenge: Fly


There is a long time since my last entry for  A Word a Week Photo Challenge. But this week’s word Fly, made me think about this photo I took during the World Cup,  when we were flying from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro, after watching Brazil x Chile game. Unfortunately the quality of the photo is not that good, because the plane window was a little bit dirty, but I can’t forget the beautiful sunset we were blessed to see during that flight. A sea of fluffly clouds and the beautiful sunlight made quite a beautiful show.

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Teachers Day School Holiday

IMG_1803Today, in Brazil, we celebrated Teachers Day. So it was a school holiday and all the kids didn’t have to go to school.  So I planned with some friends, Moms like me, to take our kids to play at Parque Lage‘s playground. We spent the whole morning there, enjoying everything this beautiful green area in Jardim Botânico neighborhood has to offer. Besides the playground itself, there are many other attractions for kids there, small caves, one of them has aquariums embedded in its walls, lakes with fishes and plenty of green area to run around and have a picnic. While the kids were playing, I took some photos of this beautiful place, which I plan to share with you guys later. It was a hot day and we both got home very tired. We spent the rest of the day watching cartoons and our favourite DVD the movie, School of Rock. A perfect end for a perfect day!


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Monday’s Detail


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