Monica Parade in Rio

After the recent visit of the United Buddy Bears in Leme beach , now Rio has another cute exhibition on display at Parque Garota de Ipanema, Arpoador, the Monica Parade.

For those who are not familiar with “Turma da Mônica” (Mônica’s Gang), Mônica is a brazilian comics character created by Maurício de Souza, very popular among children and teenagers in the 70’s and 80’s in Brazil.

I remember when I was a kid how much I loved to read Mônica’s comics, she was my favourite comics character, with her red dress, her big teeth and the blue bunny always on her hand.

Days ago, walking around Arpoador I had the opportunity to remind of my childhood a little bit checking for myself the “Monica Parade” exhibition. They are different and colourful sculptures of Mônica caracther painted and customized by different artists. The sculptures made of fiber glass are all displayed around Parque Garota de Ipanema.

Although those who doesn’t have an emotional connection with Monica’s Gang like I do, might find the exhibition not much a big deal, I suggest the visit specially for those with kids. It is a nice thing to do if you are planning to visit Arpoador beach, or Posto 6 beach (Copacabana). You can reach Parque Garota de Ipanema from Rua Francisco Otaviano (the large street that links Ipanema Beach to Copacabana beach) or from Arpoador beach.

Plan your visit for daylight to enjoy the most of your visit.

Monica Parade – Parque Garota de Ipanema – Praia do Arpoador – Daily from 6 am to 7pm until August 11th

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My World Cup memories through my Instagram

This gallery contains 49 photos.

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Life goes on…

IMG_0236It’s been a while since my last post. Sorry for that! I wished that in this first post after the World Cup, I would be sharing with you guys how I experienced  the last days of the World Cup and all the usual things I like to write and share photos about, but some sad events just happened around here. Last Wednesday,  after 10 days in Hospital, my 87-year-old Daddy passed away.

It is still very difficult to write about it without having tears in my eyes. Although I was already trying to get prepared for this, as he was getting older and weaker, losing someone you love is one of the most difficult things in life. Specially when this one is your parent and has taught you almost everything you know.

“It doesn’t matter what happens, always do the right thing!” That’s one of the most important things I learned from him. But he also taught me to be generous, to ride a bike, and later to ride a car, to enjoy classical music and samba, and to enjoy football.

Since his funeral I’ve been having random memories about him. Memories of him teaching me to ride a bike, taking me to school when I was a kid,  teaching me to ride a car, and how severe he was with me on that issue. That was how he was!  Another memories of when he motivated me to learn a musical instrument ( which I unfortunately gave up later) and when he taught me to use his camera to shoot my first photos.

I wished he was still here to hug me the way he did on my wedding day, but now all I can do is thank God for having this wonderful man as a father and wish and pray for him to rest in peace!

I still have a very special mother who dedicated her life to my father and that will need all my support to help her go through all of this. Little by little, day by day, we will learn to live our lives without him. But he will live Forever in our hearts and our memories. As people say life goes on.

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Brazilian football tragedy


Mineirão Stadium, before Brazil vs Chile Match

Mineirão Stadium, before Brazil vs Chile Match

I am still trying to recover from the shock and shame of yesterday Brazil’s defeat by Germany. We all knew we would have a hard time to win Germany. Everyone knew they have a much better team than ours, but what shocked us most was that we didn’t react at all. Our national team didn’t fight at all! And that we couldn’t accept! Watching all those Brazilians in the stadium crying in the first half of the game was too much depressing.

We, brazilian people, just can’t understand what happened and I believe that even Brazil’s national team players can’t understand either. Anyway, explanations right now are just useless.

I just hope that this historical match be a lesson to brazilian football authorities and make them understand that international football has changed. Having individual talents in a football team is not enough to win a World Cup. “Football is a team sport”, that’s what the football coach of my six-year-old boy always says to his school team.  And yesterday, it became very clear that we don’t have a good TEAM.

But yesterday nightmare can’t erase all the beautiful moments Brazil lived in this World Cup. Experiencing a World Cup in our own country is an emotion we will never forget. There are still two games left for the World Cup end,and on saturday Brazil plays again. It is time to raise our heads and face our mistakes. Life goes on!





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World Cup moments

I haven’t been too much connected in the past weeks, and that’s because  here, at my home,  we are not only enjoying the World Cup, we have been breathing World Cup!!!

Since World Cup begin we are all of us (my husband, my son and myself) on vacation. My husband got work vacation and my son is on his school holidays, so we could enjoy together the advantages of having a World Cup happening on our home country.

There is so much happening I would like to share with you guys in those past days, but as we’re living this World Cup marathon, following the games on TV and watching some of them on the stadiums I didn’t have too much free time to blog.

But I will try to summarize what we have been doing in the last week:

1. We were in Maracanã for France vs. Ecuador game.  We were supposed to support Ecuador team, as we are trying to support the south americans. My son even painted the colors of Ecuador on his face, but  when we found out that our seats were in the middle of the Les Bleus, and that near our seats there were a family with two cute boys supporting France and singing very lively “Allez Les Bleus”, my son asked me to erase Ecuador colors from his face and paint the colors of France on his cheeks. Although the game ended 0x0 and there wasn’t too many exciting moments we had a lot of fun. It is being a very rich experience to see different people supporting their national teams.

DSCN8346 DSCN8344 IMG_9767 IMG_9756 IMG_9785
DSCN8357 DSCN8372


2. On thursday we took a flight to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais to watch Brazil vs. Chile at Mineirão Stadium. IMG_9840 IMG_9837 IMG_9863 IMG_9865But before the game, on friday we had the oportunity of visiting Inhotim, an open air contemporary art museum, where you can breath pure air and enjoy nature and art at the same location. Later I will publish a dedicated post to it.

3. And on saturday, we headed to Mineirão to watch the dramatic Brazil’s classification for the Quarters Finals.IMG_0067 IMG_0078


If you wanna be updated with my experiences on the last days of World Cup, follow My Little Rio Journal on instagram.


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