Welcome Autumn


Leblon beach, this afternoon!

And yesterday autumn finally came! I think I’m one of the few people who will not miss summer.  Tired of all that summer heat, I got happy when we had a cloudy and rainy weather in the first Autumn weekend of 2015. It doesn’t have to do with the season itself, as here in Rio we can’t really see the difference between the seasons, we don’t see those beautiful fall leaves we see in the north hemisphere, but I was just longing for more pleasant temperatures, quieter streets and less crowded beaches. Welcome Autumn!

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Having a guest!

IMG_1010 IMG_1004

IMG_1008Last week I had a very nice visit from Canada!! Annie, the lovely Canadian girl behind Annie Anywhere, was spending some days in Rio and suggested we could meet. Obviously I accepted! We have been connected for a while and she hosted one of my posts on her blog some months ago (check here), and I thought it would be fun to invite her for a typical carioca activity! So I took her to have a Stand-Up Paddle session and we had a wonderful time together!

It is nice when people are open to experiencing new things, specially when travelling  to a country with a totally different culture, weather and traditions from your home country, like Brazil is.

We met at Posto 6, the area in the very right corner of Copacabana beach, by Dorival Caymmi statue, where there are many tents renting Stand Up Paddle boards. Although there are many options , we decided to go to Universo Paddle Surf , as I am already used to their service.

A nice thing about Universo Paddle Surf is that they have instructors speaking english and spanish. After a 5 minutes of introduction and basic instructions to SUP given to Annie in english by the helpful instructor, we were ready to start our adventure.

We paddled for half-an hour, and it was enough to enjoy the afternoon and to show Annie Copacabana beach from a different angle. The sky was a little cloudy but the water conditions were perfect, right temperature and clear water.

Annie did a good job on the board. In her first 5 minutes she was already stood up paddling!!! We had a lot of fun!!! When our 30 minutes session finished we stayed a little bit in the beach, just enjoying the view and feeling the sunrays on our skin.

Later, I took Annie to eat something in a small place I’m used to go in Ipanema neighborhood, Felice Café, a small café/bistrot/gelateria with a cozy and casual atmosphere.  While chatting, she ate a sandwich and I had one of their tasty gelattos.

It was a lovely afternoon and it was a nice way to know her a little better.

Thanks Annie for your visit! Hope to see you soon in Rio or who knows in Montreal some day!!!

To know more about Annie adventures in Rio, stay connected to her blog where she is sharing something of her experiences in Rio.

Universo Paddle Surf – email: contato@universopaddlesurf.com.br  – Av Atlântica, n° 3.700 (posto 6) Praia de Copacabana-Rio de Janeiro


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For a better Brazil

IMG_1029Today we put our yellow and green shirts and joined people in the streets in the protests to claim for a better Brazil. Although many claims for the impeachment of our actual president Dilma Roussef, which political specialists consider unlikely to happen, my personal reasons to join the crowd in Copacabana seafront were to protest against corruption, impunity, but most of all to teach my little son that when we see something wrong happening we can’t silence ourselves.  Although people in the crowds claimed for different reasons they all have in common the same dissatisfaction with Brazil situation.

It is well-known that Brazil lives a serious economical, political and social crisis.  After the reelection of President Dilma Roussef, last October, brazilian people are divided in two groups, the ones that still supports the government and the ones that didn’t vote for her,  who are protesting today for a better Brazil.

We didn’t stay much, my son doesn’t like crowds, but we stayed enough time for him to see with his own eyes what we people can do to protest against a bad administration government, when you live in a democratic country. Brazilians kept in silent for years, but now things are changing.  I’m not going to deepen the political discussion, this blog is not for that and I’m not an expert in brazilian politics, I’m just sharing my personal thoughts and feelings as a brazilian.

We don’t know what is going to happen next. Just hope things start to change and that Brazil can recover soon from the serious crisis we’re living.

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Kandinsky at CCBB


If you are staying in Rio this month and want to see a little bit of art while your stay, pay a visit to CCBB and visit Kandinsky exhibition. It would be a great opportunity to know this place, which is my favourite Cultural Center in Rio, always with great exhibitions and a pleasant atmosphere. Even if you are not very fond of Arts the visit is worth.

I always go there, and those who is already following this blog for a while already knows it! Most of the times, I go for the exhibitions, but sometimes I just go for a cup of coffee in the small coffee shop or just to seat and relax a little bit.


IMG_0614 IMG_0616 IMG_0618 IMG_0621
Kandinsky exhibition will be on CCCB until March 30th.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro – Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 – Centro – Wednesday to Monday – 9am to 9pm – Free admission

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Copacabana by night

Last night, after celebrating my husband birthday in our favourite Pizzeria, we decided to go back home walking by “calçadão de Copacabana” (Copacabana beach sidewalk). It is funny because, as we were not respecting the “calçadão” dress code, which would be shorts and havaianas or workout outfit, some of the street vendors thought we were tourists and kept offering us souveniers.

The weather is finally starting to become a little more pleasant and it was a perfect night to walk and observe all the people exercising by the beach.Night view of Forte de Copacabana, from Posto 6

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