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The Zika Carnival

Zika Virus, how are we dealing with it?

Poster warning about Mosquito Aedes aegypt in São Paulo


It is already Carnival in Brazil, and in Rio.The city is already crowded with tourists but I keep wondering how many people gave up the idea of coming to Rio after WHO (World Health Organization)  had declared Zika a global health emergency. Continue reading “The Zika Carnival”

A place to breathe and relax in Rio, even during Carnival


It is not the first time I write about this place in this blog. I’ve already mentioned it here, here and here, and I’m going to talk about it again. Sorry if I’m being repetitive but I just can’t help saying good things about Pista Claudio Coutinho, in Praia Vermelha. Continue reading “A place to breathe and relax in Rio, even during Carnival”

Rainy January

Except from the first days of the year, when the sun showed its face, this January has been quite grey and rainy. Continue reading “Rainy January”

My Little Rio Journal New Year


A new year began bringing new plans, projects and a new hope for 2016! After spending the whole year of 2015 reflecting about keeping or not keeping this blog, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make 2016 a new year for My Little Rio Journal.

Continue reading “My Little Rio Journal New Year”

Happy New Year!!!

 Wishing an awsome 2016 to everyone!!!
Hoping this year brings us beautiful things, lots of travels, success on our projects, and health to enjoy all of that!

Happy 2016!!!!

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