Sunday, day to go to Maracanã

There is a brazilian song that says something like that “Sunday, I will go to Maracanã, I’m gonna cheer for the team I’m fan….”. The name of the song is “O Campeão”  (The Champion) and it is the perfect soundtrack for today!

Maracanã Stadium
Maracanã Stadium

And that’s such a carioca thing to do on a sunday afternoon, go to Maracanã (carioca mean someone or something from Rio) to watch a soccer game. But today,  the team the song talks about will be the brazilian national team,  and the game will be the final of the Fifa’s Confederations Cup.

A great game Brazil x Spain! The dream final people are saying!

But unfortunately, I won’t go! Although me and my family wanted so much, the tickets are sold out and there’s nothing we can do about it , unless watching the game on TV and hoping for Brazil to beat the spanish team!

Brazil National Flag, the last time we went to Maracanã

Brazil National Flag, the last time we went to Maracanã

Go Brazil!!!!!



  1. Brasil 3 X 0 Espanha! Vivaaaaa! Assistimos ao jogo em casa e Gabriel esta se mostrando um verdadeiro apreciador de futebol. Agora vive pedindo para ir ao Maracana. Vamos programar esse passeio para breve! Ele assistiu na escola ao primeiro jogo do Brasil na Copa das Confederacoes e quando cheguei la para busca-lo, me disse Mae, vi o jogo! Quem ganhou foi o Neymar! hahhahaha Como o Neymar fez o gol, ele achou que ele era o vencedor.

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