Saturday night in a “Festa Junina”

Here in Brazil, June is a month of enjoying the “Festas Juninas” we have around .

We can translate “Festas Juninas” to “June Parties”, because they are parties held throughout the month of june or even early july, to celebrate St. Anthony, on June 13, St. John, on June 24, and St. Peter, on June 29.

In fact it is a regional party very typical of the northeast of Brazil, but it is also very comum in Rio in this time of the year.  A lot of  churches, schools, colleges, companies and even families and friends organize their own “festas juninas”, where people can enjoy regional food, dance forró (a typical dance from northeast of Brazil) and have a lot of fun.

And last saturday night, me and my family enjoyed a very good one.

Here are some moments of our lovely evening!

2013-06-29 19.56.20

2013-06-29 19.59.35

2013-06-29 19.59.53

2013-06-29 20.12.48

If you are interested in learning more about the origins of “Festas Juninas”check wikipedia  and take a look in this post of Alice in Carnival, with great tips of dressing like a brazilian for a “Festa Junina”.

Have a nice week!



  1. Tambem fui a 2 boas festas juninas neste ano: a da escola do Gabriel e outra neste sabado, organizada por amigos naquele esquema ‘cada um leva alguma comida ou bebida’. Foi otimo! Mas ainda quero mais, se houver mais alguma legal, sempre e bom… Pelas suas fotos, esta parece ter sido muito boa… Onde foi? Bj, TH

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