A perfect winter day in Rio

For those who hasn’t yet the opportunity of visiting Rio, I will give an advice: if you have the chance, come in winter time and you will find the bluest skies, the most pleasant weather and fewer rainy days!

Think about anything you imagine doing in summer time in Rio… yes you can do it in winter time too.

Yes, you can go to the beach and they won’t be so crowded!

Yes, you can enjoy night life! All the pubs will be open, and you won’t be worried about night summer storms!

Yes you can practice outdoor sports and you won’t feel like you were melting down by the high temperatures (They can easily reach 40°C in summer time).

And that’s what I did this morning! Got up, gave breakfast to my son, put my running shoes and went out for a run in Copacabana beach!

After finishing my training I still had energy to snap some photos of the beautiful  Copacabana beach view with my cell phone.

2013-07-05 09.57.28 2013-07-05 10.02.18 2013-07-05 10.05.45 2013-07-05 10.08.43

Have a nice weekend!



  1. Adoro o inverno, minha estacao preferida por todas essas razoes que voce descreveu. O verao aqui torna-se desconfortavel pela temperatura muito alta. Pode-se dizer que aqui temos um inverno, outono e primavera como veroes mais amenos. rsrsrsrs

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