Lessons learned while killing time in downtown Rio de Janeiro

Last week when I visited the Theatro Municipal (Municipal Theater) as you can see here, I mentioned the places I visited  in order to kill time while I waited for my guided tour to begin.

I had one hour free before visiting Municipal  and that was enough time to explore some interesting places in Theatro Municipal surroundings.

So, I crossed the street (Avenida Rio Branco) and headed to Bibilioteca Nacional (National Library). I was determined to spend the free time I had shooting the beautiful main entrance of the library.

Theatro Municipal - on the corner of Avenida Rio Branco and Evaristo da Veiga Street

Theatro Municipal – on the corner of Avenida Rio Branco and Evaristo da Veiga Street

Arriving there I took my camera, looked around to see what angle would give the perfect photo and when I finally clicked the shooting button…Surprise!! I had  no memory card inside the camera. I just did the stupid thing of forgetting my SD card inside my notebook when downloading  photos earlier that day. I couldn’t believe this was happening to  me.

I was so disappointed, but as I was already there, I snapped some photos with my cell phone.

Main entrance to the library

Main entrance to the library

But what I would do next? I couldn’t  photograph the guided tour in Theatro Municipal with my cell phone, at least I definitely didn’t  want to. After all, one of the purposes of taking the guided tour was to practice taking photos on interiors using my DSLR in the manual mode.

I had to think quick!  So I ran to a store some blocks away to buy a new memory card in time for the guided tour.

And I managed to do it  and still got 40 minutes left before the guided tour begin.

I decided then to visit a Cultural Center just next to the National Library, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal,  to attend a photo exhibition they were showing there, but this visit I will tell you in another post!

One lesson I learned from this episode:  If you dont´t want to have unpleasant surprises in a photograph session, double-check battery and memory card in your camera before leaving home.

Have a nice week!


  1. Amo a Biblioteca Nacional! E especial! Costumava fazer pesquisas la quando estudava no ensino medio e na faculdade.

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