An oasis in the middle of chaotic Botafogo

There is a special place in Botafogo neighbourhood I used to go often when my son was a little baby. I used to take him for his daily sun bath and it is a place that brings me good memoirs. Images of my baby starting to crawl and to walk, strolling him around a green and fresh garden , making friendship with others first moms like me, come to my mind when I think about Casa de Rui Barbosa.


The main house holds a museum in tribute to Rui Barbosa, a brazilian intellectual and politician that lived there until 1923.  In the backyard of the house there is a beautiful garden open for visitors.


Now, my boy is not a baby anymore, my routine has changed quite a lot and there was a long time since my last visit to Casa de Rui Barbosa.

Yesterday, while I passed in front of this beautiful house, I decided to get in and remember the good times we spent there. And it was a good surprise to see that its well-preserved garden full of trees and birds, is still an oasis in the middle of a busy street in Botafogo.

IMG_1831 IMG_1869 IMG_1880 IMG_1893 IMG_1894 IMG_1903

Besides visiting the museum, which I have to confess that I never did, the quiet museum’s garden makes the perfect place for mommies taking their babies for a sun bath and for elderly to walk and read the newspaper. But even if you don’t match one of those two profiles, and if you are in Botafogo surroundings, take some minutes and  relax in this lovely place.

Casa de Rui Barbosa  – Rua São Clemente, 134 – Rio de Janeiro (next to Botafogo subway station)



  1. E um lugar muito agradavel mesmo. Lembro quando fui visitar seu filhote aos 5 ou 6 meses e nos encontramos la dentro. E o mesmo estilo do Museu da Republica, na Rua do Catete, onde costumava levar o Gabriel quando bebe. Tambem traz muita calma e tranquilidade no meio do agito da Praia do Flamengo e da Rua do Catete… Sempre que tenho oportunidade, entro la.

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