Emotion: Pope Francis in my street

Yesterday Pope Francis passed by the street I live. He was inside a card and I just could see his hand waving through his car window. I got so glad that I was surprised with myself . It was only a few seconds but that was enough for me!

I’m not that religious, but I consider myself a person of faith.

The Pope’s visit to Rio is really touching my heart. His charisma,  his visit to a poor community, his  relaxed approach to the pilgrims crowd, so many stunning moments yesterday.

Besides the chaotic traffic and the transports system failure, this event will teach a lot to all of us: from lessons of faith to tolerance.

There is still a lot to be done to take Rio to an Olympic City level.  But after this week I feel my hope and strength renewed to claim for action by the Authorities to do what needs to be done!

People waiting for the Pope in my street yesterday

People waiting for the Pope in my street yesterday



  1. Hoje, quando terminou a missa de envio, na volta para o Sumare, o Papa passou na esquina da minha rua num carro fechado, mas com a janela aberta. Meu marido estava passando bem nesse momento e o Papa acenou para ele, que chegou em casa todo empolgado. Segundo ele, foi a segunda vez que isso aconteceu; a primeira foi com o Papa Joao Paulo II. Estes 2 papas sao especiais: Joao Paulo, para quem viveu durante seu papado, nao e necessario descrever seu carisma e seu poder de agregar. Francisco tem se mostrado extremamente simples, carinhoso, incansavel, mas tambem preciso em seus discursos que nao deixam duvidas sobre sua visao sobre a acao dos politicos.

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