Week Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

I had trouble this week to pick from my personal photo gallery my “masterpiece”.

The first thing that came to my mind was Macchu Picchu.

Macchu Picchu

Macchu Picchu

I took this photo in March, 2003, in a trip to Peru with a friend. I used a Canon Prima zoom shot, the first camera I bought with my own money. It was a very simple  point and shoot film camera, but it took great photos.  The ruins of Inca civilization and its architecture really impressed me. This photo was scanned and its quality it’s not so good but it still can show Macchu Picchu’s majesty.

The second one is  Löwendenkmal, The Lion Monument in Luzern, Switzerland.  I took this photo in october, 2007, in a trip with my husband  to Europe. This time the equipment was a Canon A 70, my first point and shoot digital camera. This place was really a surprise to us. We didn’t even know about this place before. In that day we were strolling around the city searching for the touristic attractions we found in our city map and the map headed us to this interesting place .

Löwendenkmal, The Lion Monument , Luzern, Switzerland

Löwendenkmal, The Lion Monument , Luzern, Switzerland

The perfection of a wounded Lion carved in the stone and its suffering expression really impressed me. This masterpiece created to honor the Swiss Guard ” who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution, when revolutionaries stormed the Tuileries Palace in Paris, France“.



  1. Mais um sitio que gostaria tanto de visitar. A minha melhor amiga e original de Lima, Peru. este ano vai de vez para o peru com seu marido e filhos.
    Fotos mesmo lindas!!! Wow teu blog esta cada dia melhor. Adoro nao posso deixar de vir aqui.

    1. Claudia, o Peru tem lugares lindos.Macchu Picchu é só um deles. Agora q sua amiga mudará para lá quem sabe vocês não se animam para uma visita a America do Sul e dao uma passadinha no Brasil também! Obrigada pelo incentivo ao meu blog! Beijos

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