August, please be good!

Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro

Cristo Redentor, Christ The Redeemer,  Rio de Janeiro

Yesterday an old man in the street said something that I had to agree: “The year is going fast but the days are going slow!”

Although lately I can’t agree with the second part of his statement, as my days are really going very fast (whoever have kids will agree with me for sure), the year is really going fast. August is already there, soon it will be my birthday (on september) and I will be in the last year of my thirties.

Not that I’m really worried about it, but it sounds a little strange. Some years ago I was just a girl, and now I suddenly became a young lady.

But that’s life! That’s why I’m trying to enjoy the most of each day, and that’s what I’m planning for this august!

I hope august be great for all of you guys!



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