Morro da Conceição, a charming treasure in Rio’s Port Area

It is really amazing how I’ve been discovering a different Rio lately!

Some months ago, in my photograph class, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the most charming places in Rio, Morro da Conceição.

At that time  I didn’t have my Canon 60 D yet and I took all the photos  with my Nikon P100 in the manual mode.

This was a lovely surprise for me! A lot of history, beautiful and simple architecture. A bucolic and peaceful place, perfect for an afternoon walk.

2013-03-08 14.25.102013-03-08 14.34.212013-03-08 14.40.402013-03-08 14.55.052013-03-08 14.57.522013-03-08 15.34.342013-03-08 15.47.572013-03-08 15.49.222013-03-08 15.53.172013-03-08 15.54.502013-03-08 16.20.11I’m already planning another visit!

Have a nice week!



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