Weekly Photo Challenge: One shot, two ways

One thing I learned when I attended a photography school some months ago was that if I want to photograph in a professional way I must exercise my “photographer’s eye” to find the best shot!

I’m aware I’m really far from becoming a pro but as I really want to improve my photography techniques, I’m trying to practice the most I can.  Shooting the same photo different ways is something I’m starting to do.


National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro – Landscape


National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro – Portrait

And last week when I visited the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rio, as I already told you here I practiced a little.

The first picture was a landscape shot. The subject of the photo was the museum’s room itself. In the second picture, the portrait shot,  I wanted to show the beauty of that work of art in the same room.

All depends on what you want to photograph. From now on, my  motto is “Tell the story with the photo”.



    1. Claudia, se tiver oportunidade faça um curso de fotografia! Eu decidi fazer para tirar melhores fotos do meu pimpolho e das paisagens quando viajava, mas acabou que me apaixonei pela fotografia. Obrigada pela visitinha aqui! beijos

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