Typical brazilian feijoada

If you happen to be around Cinelandia neighborhood in downtown Rio de Janeiro, consider visiting OsBar for lunch or for drinking a beer to cool down on a hot day.

2013-08-30 12.22.02

OsBar is a “boteco” in downtown Rio famous for its delicious and well-served friday feijoada and the ice-coldest beers on earth. OsBar is the point for friday lunchs or happy hour.

Yesterday I was there for lunch with two great girlfriends from College. We had feijoada for lunch, had a very cold Original (the best brazilian beer in my opinion) and caught up all the gossip. It was a great way to start this weekend!

2013-08-30 11.43.18 2013-08-30 11.45.58 2013-08-30 12.17.31

OsBar – Avenida Calógeras, 18 – Centro

Some tips to enjoy OsBar on a friday:– If you go for lunch and want to avoid the waiting line for a table, arrive around 11:30. Yes it is early, but the place is small and gets crowded quickly!

For a great explanation for the word “boteco” , check the post below by City of Cod.



  1. It looks delicious! I miss eating a good Feijoada! Ops, never thought that I would say that, cause feijoada was never my favorite food. But I do miss it! Another place to go when I am in Rio.

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