Saturday breakfast

Last night my son asked me ” mommy, when are you going to stop going on this diet?  your diet is so boring”! After that, today  I got up  in the mood of eating a delicious and typical brazilian carbs for breakfast.

So I baked those delicious “pães de queijo” (brazilian cheese bread) to eat for breakfast with my son.


I baked those frozen “pães de queijo” sold  in most brazilian supermarkets.


In only 25 minutes they are ready!


They are crunchy outside and kind of gummy inside.


Pão de Queijo and cuf of espresso are a perfect combination!




And a cup of caffe latte to finish!

Some tips to eat a good “pão de queijo” in Rio:

– You can find “pão de queijo” in every bakery and also in every coffee shop.

– If you decide make them at home you can cook the batter for yourself or use the frozen ones as I usually do.  It is a little complicated to find the right ingredients to make a delicious “pão de queijo” so I prefer to by the bags of frozen “pão de queijo”  by “Forno de Minas”.

– It is better to eat  them right after they come out of the oven, otherwise they will get hard.

Well, if you have a chance, try them! I’m sure you won’t regret yourself!

Have a nice weekend!


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