My Bucket List

In two days will be my birthday! I will turn 39 years old and the approach of the 40’s made me thoughtful about things I haven’t done yet in my life.

Inspired by my friend Jess (Turquoise Compass), I decided to start my  bucket list. In fact it sounds more like a new year’s resolution list. 10 things I compromise myself doing for my next year, starting from the day of my birthday till the day I will turn 40 years old.

So I elected 10 things I have to do before I turn 40 years old!

I just work like this, few reachable targets at a time! Otherwise I get lost and don’t get them done.

1-Paddle surfing


2- Take road trips through the beautiful coast  of Rio de Janeiro State

2010-10-21 19.25.33

3- Visit the beautiful beaches and Fortress in Niteroi (a city right next to Rio de Janeiro)


4- Attend the second part of the Photography class


5- Implement a routine of monthly “Date Night” with my husband (whoever has kids knows what I’m talking about!)

2013-06-24 18.35.15

6-Plan a  40 birthday party.


7-Run my first 6km street run.

8-And then run my first 8 km street run.

2013-07-12 09.55.53

9-Attend for the first time a Fifa World Cup (it will be in my country, I can’t miss it!)

2013-06-02 15.57.54

10- Spend more quality time with my parents! This is a big issue to me! They are getting older and I want to enjoy their company the most I can! Bringing them to live closer to me is the first target!

Well, that’s all by now! I will let you know when I got each item of the list accomplished!

Have a nice weekend!



  1. Yeahhhhhh! So happy to see that you posted your bucket list! This is so exciting! Doesn’t it make you excited to get started?! I am going to try paddle surfing in Hawaii. I wish I could come with your for your road trip through Rio state. You know I am always up for visiting the beach. Date night with your man is so important. Planning your own birthday party can be so fun! Awesome idea to plan two runs! The world cup would be an amazing experience. You have an amazing list girl! I can’t wait to read about the experiences as you complete them! Happy to have inspired you!

  2. Muito legal este post! Depois que li, fiquei pensando em quantas coisas tambem quero fazer! Tambem estou com vcs(Claudia e vc) no numero 5, mas com dois pimpolhos fica tao dificil sair para namorar.
    Amei as fotos e o fato de voce ilustrar a sua lista com elas, bem original!

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