Sunday for soccer!!

Some people may think that soccer is for men, but I totally disagree. I was raised watching soccer games on TV with my father.  Learning the basic rules of soccer with my father are memories that are very fresh in my mind. He never took me to the stadium but it doesn’t matter.

It was one of the things  that I had in common with my father. I was not that enthusiastic about it, but I liked the way soccer made me feel closer to my father! ! But after I met my husband and definitely after I had my son, soccer had become more than present in my life. My husband and my son love soccer and we spend a lot of time watching soccer games and TV shows about it. I dare to say that nowadays I breathe soccer.

In Brazil, soccer, football or “futebol” like we say in portuguese is definitely a national passion!  And as a typical brazilian and carioca (carioca is how we call people from Rio de Janeiro) family, last sunday we spent the afternoon in Maracanã Stadium, watching a game of the Brazilian Championship, the most important competition of Brazilian National Soccer League.

We had a great time! The game was Botafogo, a team from Rio and for whom we cheer for, against Bahia, a team from  Bahia, a state in the northeast of Brazil.

As usual we had a lot of fun, singing all the songs the fans sing in the game, shouting as the players were able to hear our instructions!

Unfortunately, our team loose, but it didn’t ruin our day! Going to Maracanã itself was already the highlight of our last weekend!

Soon, in another post, I will share with you some useful tips to enjoy a game in Maracanã, how to get there, where to buy the tickets and so on.

By now it’s all!



  1. I remembered going to Maracana with you Guys before the renovation in one of our trips to Rio. It was a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see it after the renovation. Being in a big stadium like Maracana, to watch a soccer game, it is really excited and I am not too much of a soccer fan.

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