Grey days

Last week was hard for me! I got a very bad cold that made me stay a lot at home. I rested the most I could and took the opportunity of being at home to put some things in order. The weather wasn’t good either, a lot of rain and wind, so I didn’t lose too much not going outside. I did some home photography exercises that I would like to share with you.


Eating yogurt and blueberries for an afternoon snack and reading my old magazines.


Fresh passion fruit juice for hydration, one of my favourites


A lot of clouds


Playing with my camera


I had time to see things I usually don’t see, clouds on my living room floor…


A cup of Ristretto and my gluten-free little toasts


My kitchen view + my reflection


Preparing my magic potion: ginger and mint tea

Well, looking again to those photos it was not too bad, but I wish this week things get better!

Have a nice week everyone!



  1. Beautiful photos. It is always amazing what you start to see in familiar places when you just sit and begin to properly observe. We need to do more of this in our daily lives. You have definitely inspired me to do this at home!

  2. I have to tried this ginger tea! I love passion fruit juice! It is a pity that I can’t find fresh passion fruit here! Your pictures are so beautiful! It is so funny, I got a cold too and I still don’t feel myself yet! Feel better soon!

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