Mind the gap

Getting around in Rio de Janeiro might be a little tricky for those who are visiting the city. Specially if you are from a country in which public transports really works, you might get a little insecure about what transport should you take.

Public transports in Rio de Janeiro are definitely not a highlight.

The train railways only serves from downtown to some parts of Rio’s north zone, and the service is quite precarious.

Buses might be a  cheap option, as there are plenty of buses lines that can take you almost anywhere,  but they are often crowded, get easily stuck in traffic and most of their drivers drives like maniacs and you might not feel safe moving around on them. I have to confess that I avoid taking them all the time.

Taxis are quite handy to move around to close distances, but if you have a limited budget you won’t be able to take them all the time.  By the way, if you  happen to grab a taxi in the streets, always pick the one’s from a taxi company, they are safer them the private one’s. They usually have the name and the phone number of the company stamped on their doors.

I particularly prefer, whenever is possible, to use the subway, the “metrô” as we say in portuguese.

Although our “metrô” (subway in portuguese) has a limited network, with only 2 lines in operation, it is quite a safe, accessible and clean public transport in Rio de Janeiro.

The Metro will take you to downtown Rio, part of south zone and part of north zone. And if you are a tourist staying in the south zone, you will be able to reach most of the touristic attractions by metro.

For more information, how to get around in Rio using the subway check the official page of Metro Rio.

I hope you enjoy the information!


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