Finding a piece of Paris in Rio

Yesterday afternoon I found a little piece of Paris in Copacabana neighborhood, Paradis Délices Français, a french patisserie leaded by the french chef Pierre Cornet-Vernet.

The cozy and charming store located in Avenida Nossa Senhora Copacabana, just a few blocks away from Boulangerie Guerin, another french spot in Copacabana, was the perfect place for a break after a doctor appointment.

As you enter this little patisserie you can see a colorful macaroons display on your right and an ice cream display freezer on your left. A great variety of chocolate is displayed right ahead  and in the back of the store there are some tables, for those who want to have some leisure moment having an espresso and eating the tasteful macaroons and chocolate.

I indulged myself with the raspberries and the Sicilian lemon macaroons with a cup of Nespresso.  They were good, but personally I prefered the ones from Boulangerie Guerin.

Today I had to go back to Copacabana for another meeting and passed by Paradis again. As it was a warm day I decided to try the mango ice cream. It was delicious!

If you have a chance, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Paradis, it’s totally worth it!

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2013-10-09 16.34.52 2013-10-09 16.36.08 2013-10-10 14.30.20 

Paradis Délices Français – Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 776

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      1. And Paris is my favorite place in the entire world that I love to be. The smells, the sounds and only the French make cursing sound fablous.

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