A brazilian diva

If you wanna have a taste of good brazilian music, check the link above shared from youtube. It is the video of a song called “Depois”, from Marisa Monte (brazilian singer born in Rio de Janeiro), played in one of the shows of her current tour, “Verdade uma ilusão – Tour” in Barcelona.

This song is one of my favourites among many others I enjoyed with my husband in Marisa’s show in Vivo Rio theatre, last friday night.

Vivo Rio is a theatre just in front of MAM-Museum of Modern Art in Aterro do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro

Vivo Rio is a theatre just in front of MAM-Museum of Modern Art in Aterro do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro

Marisa Monte is my favourite brazilian singer and I really consider her a diva. Her soft and charming voice and her nice behaviour on the stage seduces her audience as she sings and plays with her band what I consider good brazilian music. 

She is a complete artist! She sings, composes, play instruments and works as a music producer as well. She just can’t be labeled as a one style singer only,  she is a versatile artist.

Listening to her music alive in a romantic night with my husband was the best way to end the tough week I had and the best soundtrack possible for our date night (implementing item #5 of my bucket list).

2013-10-11 23.54.50

Our view of the stage.

Marisa’s work is a masterpiece of brazilian popular music and whoever is curious about brazilian contemporary music should check her work!

Learning some portuguese vocabulary:

Depois =  after 

Verdade uma ilusão = Truth, a illusion.



  1. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it. Besides the music of Jobin, I really like the music of Roberto Carlos and Elaina Elias. And no, I do not speak Portuguese.

    1. Nice you liked! You have a great taste for brazilian music. Jobim and Roberto Carlos are great! But I didn’t know Elaina Elias, I will check her work. But you got me curious, how did you know all those brazilian artists? Any special interest for Brazil?

      1. A friend went to Brazil a long time ago for Carnival and he knew that I loved music. He brought me a Roberto Carlos album. Later I was on a flight to London and one of the singers on the stero system was Eliena Elias. I love music and it isn’t important to me that I know the language. If I like the person’s voice and the music then I am in and of course there’s Bossa Nova.

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