A beautiful sunday to visit Fortaleza de Santa Cruz – Part I

Today we had the beginning of daylight saving time in Brazil (“summer time”, as we call it), when we had to advance the time in 1 hour.

This first day of our “summer time” was blessed with a pleasant sunny day and it was just the perfect weather to enjoy the day visiting Fortaleza de Santa Cruz, a fortress in Niterói, the city right next to Rio de Janeiro.

The scenic 4o minutes ride from Rio de Janeiro till our final destination in Niterói is full of beautiful landscapes.

Arriving there, we enjoyed the most stunning view of Rio de Janeiro and Guanabara Bay. I just couldn’t avoid myself taking photos of this amazing place, so I will dedicate two posts to this visit. This is the first one, in which I share the photos from the ride to Niterói through Ponte Rio-Niterói and the arrival in Fortaleza de Santa Cruz. In the second  post, besides sharing the rest of the photos, I will share some tips of how reaching  this beautiful Fortress from Rio de Janeiro.

I hope you enjoy it! Have a nice week!




  1. Beautiful place, Cris! Another great one in Niterói is MAC (Contemporary Art Museum). I used to visit when I studied at the university, that it’s near.

    1. Oh Lisa, now I found your blog! : ) Ignore my other comment! Because I didn’t match your gravatar and the name of your blog! I’m already following you now, although my italian is not so good.. I will try to practice reading your blog : ) ! I will read your post about the Rio Fortresses! Take care you too! Cris

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