Visiting Fortaleza de Santa Cruz – Part II

As I promised you here, this is the second post of last sunday visit to Fortaleza de Santa Cruz, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos.

Some tips to reach Fortaleza de Santa  Cruz from Rio de Janeiro.

Reaching the Fortress from Rio:

  • The better way of reaching Fortaleza de Santa Cruz is  driving by car. You might rent a car with GPS and you will easily arrive in the fortress.  To be sure the route your GPS give you is the right one, check this route on google maps . This route will lead you there with no mistakes, but pay attention in the way because there are many streets in  Niterói going through constructions and the traffic might be any traffic detours.
  • Another option is check in your hotel lobby for any specialized tours that could take you there. Unfortunately,  I don’t know anyone to share with you.

Once you’re there:

  • Buy the tickets in the tickets booth. (Adults – R$ 6,00 (around US$ 3,00) ,children under 6 – free)
  • Head to the main entrance of the Fortress.  Nice soldiers will lead you to a 40 minutes guided tour inside the fortress. I’m really not sure if they offer a guided tour in english, I’m afraid they don’t, but this won’t be a problem, the stunning scenery will make your trip to Niterói worth it.

Fortaleza de Santa Cruz da Barra

Estrada Gen Eurico Gaspar Dutra, s/n – Jurujuba Niterói 

Hours: 9am to 4 pm


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