Granado, vintage cosmetics store in Rio

Whenever I’m travelling I always like to bring myself home some little souvenir. But sometimes it is a little difficult to avoid those cheap and useless souvenirs sold for tourists.

But in Rio, you may find something real brazilian and original to give for your relatives, or even for yourself!

Granado, a cosmetics store, will offer you many options of good quality and natural cosmetics products, many of them made with regional brazilian ingredients.

The history of Granado is really interesting! Its first store was established  in Rio in 1870, and it worked for years as a typical aphotecary, in downtown Rio, in Avenida Primeiro de Março, 14.  In the beginning of the 20th century, they opened another branches in  other Rio’s neighborhoods, and since then they didn’t stop growing.

Nowadays they have different branches in Rio, but my favourite is the one in Avenida Primeiro de Março, still in the same address of the first store.  It was all renovated but keeping the classical aphotecary look  of the original store. The decoration is beautiful and the fact of being close to other touristic attractions like Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), Paço Imperial (their site is under construction) and Palácio Tiradentes, makes it a pleasant spot for a little shopping break.

I have to confess that every time I pass by Granado in Avenida Primeiro de Março, I don’t resist and end up buying some little treats for me.  Last week, it wasn’t different! I came out of the store with those cellphone photos and a  bag with this liquid soap and this Spa foot treatment kit



  1. Também adoro esta loja. E os produtos são ótimos! Agora, uma dica: alguns produtos Granado são vendidos em farmácias comuns e mais barato… Mas é claro que na loja própria há mais variedade, além da embalagem caprichada para presente. Já usei muito para dar de presente!

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