Saturday afternoon

After a rainy saturday morning, when I thought all my plans of  going to the beach would have to be postponed,  after lunchtime, the weather finally started to get better.

There are so many things going on lately around here that all I needed was swimming in the sea to purify the energies. So the apparently bad weather didn’t stop us driving Barra da Tijuca to go to the beach and it was totally worth it.

In Barra da Tijuca, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, the weather often is different from other parts of the city. And this saturday it was just like that. While in  the south zone of Rio the sky was grey, arriving in Barra we found a pleasant sunny afternoon. It was a little windy, but this was good, as the wind blew the heavy clouds away and we had a great afternoon in the beach .

IMG_3985 IMG_3986 IMG_3989 IMG_3997IMG_4005 IMG_4020 IMG_4030 IMG_4037

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