Some great posts about Rio

2013-08-02 09.43.13

It seems a lot of people, not only brazilians or cariocas, but also many foreigners are blogging about their experiences in Rio. And seeing a little of my city through other people’s eyes is such an interesting thing. 

Here I share with you some interesting posts and tips I found on WordPress about life in Rio. I hope you like it!

  • The photographer Lindsay Upson, the girl behind the blog Drink up the sun!  shared her beautiful photos of  Escadaria Selaron, a unique spot in Lapa neighborhood here.
  • Rio for Gringo has some great tips about Rio. I loved this post about Bar Urca, one of my favourite places for an ice beer and beautiful view in summer time.
  • I’ve been willing to go to the famous Roda de Samba in Pedra do Sal lately, but as a mother of a young boy it is quite difficult to go out on a monday night. But the girls from I Heart Rio describes their experience in the samba in Pedra do Sal very well here. It seems the perfect place to go on a summer monday night.
  • Reserva TT Burger is on my list of new places to eat since they opened some months ago. In fact I tried to go on my birthday there, but my boy just got sick that night and we had to postpone our visit. But after reading  City of Cod experience here I just can’t stop dreaming about this burger.
  • The Foodish Boy shared amazing photos of his experience in Rio in this post. It ‘s  totally worth visiting!




  1. When I think of Rio I automatically think go the Girl from Ipamina. It may not be right but I do and the images in my head are beautiful. The stage has been set for all of use not living there but through your eyes.

    1. Thanks Colin!! Yes, when talking about Rio, anyone might think about beaches, beautiful girls, samba, and all the things Rio is famous for. But Rio is much more than this,as you can imagine, and as I am trying to share with you guys in the blog!! ! : )

  2. Rio was the first stop on my first big trip alone at 22. I was there for Carnival and the hysteria of my time there is something I will never forget. Not to mention how beautiful everyone and everything is.. from the beaches, to boho Lapa and Santa Teresa, the iconic Cristo Redentor and the view from Pao de Açucar.

    Rio de Janeiro was also the place I had my first kiss.. on the sands of Ipanema beach and it’s a place I feel like a piece of my heart still remains.

      1. It really is.. most people are too scared to venture out that way because of what they’ve heard about the violence. But like everywhere you just need to be on your guard and careful. I will be back there next year 🙂

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