A quick escape from My Little Rio

Those who follow My Little Rio might have noticed  that last week I have been away from the blog a little bit. But there is a good reason for that , I managed to make a quick escape from my mommy and wife life to visit my big sister Quiqui, from Notas in Fashion, in New York.

It was  two 10-hours flights (each way) and three days that can be summed up in thousands hugs and kisses on my lovely nephews, girls shopping out moments, beautiful new york fall photos, a lot of catching up the gossip with my sister and some extra kilos gained.

The time went so fast but it was so intense that made all the effort of staying away from my son for four nights and flying miles away totally worth it.

IMG_4177 IMG_4178 IMG_4189 IMG_4190 IMG_4192 IMG_4197 IMG_4246 IMG_4288 IMG_4296 (2) IMG_4304 IMG_4330Well now it is time to come back to my routine!!! Have a nice week everyone!!







  1. Looking at those photos (beautiful all of them by the way), put tears in my eyes. All the beautiful moments we spent together documented through your beautiful photography. I am so happy that you came. Love you so much! I hope we can see each soon. xoxo

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