A little bit of spring in Rio

The last days had been pretty hot in Rio de Janeiro. Yesterday in some neighborhoods  the thermometers  measured 41°C  (~106°F).

When I woke up at 6 am the wind felt so hot that I couldn’t believe it!! But nature is so wise, there are certain flowers that just can handle with all this hot weather and can conserve its beauty through our hot spring!!!!

This one caught my attention yesterday morning in the park I took  my son to play a little, as we were almost melting down at home.

Isn’t it a simple and lovely flower?



    1. Yes Tom, I’m not so sure, but I think it is a bouganville tree, and yes they can grow quite big. There are many of them here in Rio. About yesterday, yes it was really hot! So hot that in the end of the day we had a kind of little summer storm!! Thanks for the comment!

  1. I want to let you know that I’ve been nominated for the Inner Peace and Sunshine Award by Come What May Girls. I’d like to pass on the sunshine and nominate YOU for the award! You always bring a little bit of sunshine into my life and the way your write exemplifies inner peace! Congratulations! You can view the post here with your nomination: http://turquoisecompass.com/2013/11/15/inner-peace-sunshine-award/
    Hopefully you will pass on the blogger lovins’ as well.

      1. Jess, you’re so kind! It is really a challenge to me writing about my own city. I have lived in Rio forever, and only lately I began to see Rio from a different point of view, trying to find little beautiful details in my daily routine. I love to travel, but now with a family it is more difficult to go travelling around the world, so I decided to “travel” in my own city and discover new things in the city I live!! I’m glad you like it!! By the way, I love your blog too!! : )

    1. It’s easy! First you got to get the link for your blog in bloglovin. You do that going to the bloglovin menu when you’re logged in bloglovin. Find the “Bloglovin button” option, and then choose the bloglovin button you prefer.
      Then click in the link “Get this icon”. It will lead to a small window showing the secret code for your blog in bloglovin.Copy this link . Then in your dashboard on wordpress, go to “Appearance”> “Widgets”, move the “Text” widget to the Widget Area you prefer and then click in “Edit”. Just paste the copied bloglovin link to the “Title” area, choose the position of your bloglovin button, on the sidebar and then save.
      I don’t know if I forgot any detail. If you have trouble, tell me , I can help you! But it is easy, just follow the instructions. Good Luck!!: )

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