My Stand Up Paddle Surf Experience

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Although I am married to a man who loves surfing I had never tried it. Surfing always looked too difficult to me,  and I have to admit that the big waves has always scared me a little bit.

But when stand up paddle surf started to become popular here in Brazil I started considering trying it.

Whenever I went to Barra beach I always watched those guys paddling and  it looked  like they were really having fun!! Not too much adrenaline (extreme sports are not for me!) , just paddling and feeling the fresh breeze of the sea. It looked perfect to me!

So, I was decided to try it! I even put it on my bucket list! And last thursday I finally made it!!!

It was a sunny day, the sea was flat, the water not too cold, and my husband didn’t have to go to work, as he is in a little vacation. So we headed to Copacabana Beach and picked one of those many tents in Copacabana beach that rents paddle boards. There are many of them on the right side of Copacabana beach, just by Forte de Copacabana, where the sea is very calm, perfect to practice SUP (Stand Up Paddle).

We rented two SUP boards, one for each of us and paid for one hour class with an instructor. Our SUP class began in the sand, where our instructor taught us the basic stand up paddle techniques and a few safety rules, and then we got right into the water to start our SUP experience.

Amazingly I had no difficulty to stand up in the board for the first time, but in the first half hour I was too tense to enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounded  us.  Our instructor led us to paddle toward the deep-sea, and as farther from the shore we were, the sea started to be a little rough, what made me fall some times from the board. But our instructor kept motivating us to continue paddling and to relax and enjoy ourselves.

When I finally relaxed I found it so easy that I finally realized all the beauty of Copacabana Beach seem from a different angle, from inside the sea.

When our time was over we were tired , but feeling great!! It was such an amazing experience!! So relaxing and a  good work-out at the same time, that I am even considering starting to practice it on a regular basis.

And you have you ever tried Stand Up Paddle? How was your experience?






  1. Loved this: “When I finally relaxed I found it so easy that I finally realized all the beauty of Copacabana Beach seem from a different angle, from inside the sea.”
    That is so true in much of life’s difficulties. Thanks for sharing! Maybe I’ll try skiing in Arizona this winter.

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