When you’re on vacation and it rains….

When planning a trip to the Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro state, you should better check the weather forecast first. This region, a green corridor that runs along the south coastline of Rio de Janeiro state, besides being extremely beautiful rains a lot.

But we had to plan this little vacation some months ago, and we had to pick the days according to my husband schedule at work, so we  had to take our chances to see how weather was going to be.

Our first idea was spending our 4 day vacation in Paraty, a small historical and preserved town in the region. But we didn’t manage to book a hotel room with a good infrastructure for children for the days we had.  So we changed our plans and decided to stay in a resort in Angra dos Reis, around 43 km far from Paraty, Hotel do Bosque. And turned out to be the right decision!!! The first two days of our trip were rainy, as it was in all Rio de Janeiro state, and if we weren’t in a hotel with so many activities I don’t know what I would do with my 5 year old boy.

Besides all the rain  we still had a great time. The weather was warm enough to enjoy what the hotel had to offer: tennis courts, 4 pools, soccer field, playground, besides other sport activities like kayaking, hiking, among others.

Finally, in the last two days the weather turned out good and we even got tanned!!

We enjoyed our time by the pool and went to the hotel beach ( a little boat takes you to the beach through the river that separates the hotel from the beach shore).

In the third day we woke up early and decided to ride to Paraty to spent the day there.  We had a lovely time there.  But let’s talk about Paraty later!!

Have a nice sunday!


The Hotel Main Entrance


A lot of green spaces in the Hotel


We found a rainy afternoon the day we arrived, this is the viewfrom the bar by the pool


In the evening, after dinner we spent some time in the bar by the pool before going to our room


A night view from the main pool of the Hotel. Raining a lot that day!


The Hotel has many birds in the property. I had the pleasure of watching this charming peacock display his beautiful plumage to me.


There he is!


While my son and husband played soccer, I played with my camera trying to capture those reflections.


From inside our room.


A dark afternoon in the beach. But we still played some ball on the sand and that made my boy happy!


But then, the weather started to get better, and my boy still had energy to spend in the pool.


A night view of one of the hotel buildings


Finally the blue sky again.


And with no heavy clouds in the sky we could finally see the landscape around the hotel.


In the boat riding to the Hotel beach.


Arriving in the beach by boat.


Time to relax a little by the beach, while my men play beach volley.


A group of teenagers kayiaking in the river


The beach view.



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