And so this is Christmas….

Only when my friend Jess asked me the other day “Are you ready for Christmas season?” I realized that Christmas is just around the corner, and how I am late to get ready for Christmas.

Although I had already done many of the Christmas shopping, at least the Christmas gifts for the family, there is still a lot to do around here. Wardrobe organization, sorting old toys that my kid doesn’t play any longer for donation, organizing kitchen cabinets, besides shopping the traditional Christmas food .

At least this morning I finished part of our Christmas decoration!!! With the little help of my son we got Christmas Tree ready to wait for Santa Claus visit!!!

IMG_5549 IMG_5551 IMG_5552 IMG_5558

And this evening, we lighted it up for the first time!

And what about you? Are you ready for the Christmas season?



  1. Thank you for the kind mention Chris. You are too kind. Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the ones of the red Christmas balls. I think you are ready now my friend. I am not the normal personal, I get ready early! 🙂

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