The terrible gardener

When I moved the apartment I live in, the former owner left behind some plant pots in the apartment balcony. One of them was a huge plant pot filled with potting soil but with no plants on them.

Since then I’ve been planning to replace the overused soil for a new one to start a little kitchen garden.

My dream has always been cooking with fresh herbs from my own little herb garden. But as a terrible gardener I am (everything I plant die), I’ve been postponing this project forever.

With no one taking care of them for 3 years, all kind of  weird and ugly weeds have been growing on those pots, and all I have been doing is keep cleaning those undesirable weeds and hoping one day I would find time to cultivate my own herb garden.

My husband even considered giving this huge pot away saying that if I hadn’t started until now, probably I would never will, and I had to I agree with him, but lately some different plants started to grow.

I don’t know their name, but those nice plants just filled this vase. And although it still needs a little care, their wild beauty brought to my balcony a  certain charm.

I am considering this little surprise as a Heaven’s sign to put my project of cultivating my herb garden pot in the priorities of my new year’s bucket list and changing my terrible gardener reputation.

IMG_5594 IMG_5598 IMG_5597


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