Kontiki, the island restaurant in Paraty

In this busy december, I’m still dreaming about the mini vacation we had on november. The day we spent in Paraty was definitely one of the highlights of this little car trip.

And the special restaurant we had lunch, the Kontiki Restaurante, was one of the best moments of that day.

This restaurant is located in a little island on the Paraty bay, “Ilha Duas Irmãs” (Two Sisters Island).

To get there we took the boat service offered by the restaurant. The restaurant little boat departures from the Paraty pier, and on the end of the pier you will find the Kontiki’s girl that calls the little boat to take you to the Kontik island in a 10 min boat ride.

Arriving  there a nice woman was waiting for us on the small island pier and welcomed us to the restaurant.

There we found a quiet restaurant, with a cozy living room and a balcony with a great bay view. The restaurant was empty, it was a Wednesday in the middle of november and besides another couple that were already finishing their lunch, there was only the three of us, me, my husband and my son.

While we were ordering , the other couple left the restaurant on their own kaiks, and we had this little piece of paradise only for us. It was perfect for exploring the little island and taking pictures while we waited for our lunch to be ready.

The restaurant specialties are spanish paella and sea food, but we ended up ordering something lighter and simple, a grilled fish with roasted potatoes and broccoli rice.  Everything was nice, from the meal and dessert to the service.

Although Kontiki is a little overpriced, it was totally worth it for the whole experience of having lunch in a little island.

For those visiting Paraty and want to try a different and charming place to eat, Kontiki is the perfect place. But if you plan to go on a weekend, make sure to make reservations, because they usually get crowded.

Kontiki Restaurante – Ilha Duas Irmãs – Paraty – Rio de Janeiro – S 23°12’36”-W44°41’21” – Phone Number: +55- 024 -9999-9599 – email: kontiki@ilhakontiki.com.br

IMG_5333 IMG_5327 IMG_5330 IMG_5337 IMG_5338 IMG_5341 IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5359 IMG_5372 IMG_5375 IMG_5380


  1. Great shots. I would think it would be a great place to have a boutique hotel and at night you could see the lights from the mainland. Is that your son in the picture?

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