Baking cookies

It was the first time I baked cookies wiht the help of my 5 year old boy. He enjoyed the experience so much that after baking Gingerbread Chocolate Cookies to give as a Christmas gift for his school teacher, he asked me to bake  those “Vanilla Cookies” as he call this recipe. In fact,  the right name for those cookies are Biscuit Sandwich Cookies“.

The Gingerbread Cookies were easy to make, although there are many ingredients to deal with, my boy loved to mix the batter and to roll the little cookies balls. Although the kitchen got a complete mess, the delicious smell that filled all the house, the delicious cookies and the smile on his teacher’s face to see that he made himself her gift made all the work worth it.

But the experience baking the Biscuit Sandwich Cookies was not so successful. Although  they ended coming out delicious, it was the first time I tried this recipe and we had a lot of trouble in the kitchen.

This Biscuit Sandwich Cookies recipe might be perfect to be made during the north hemisphere winter, but I think they are not very appropriate for the beginning of the tropical summer of Rio de Janeiro.

I had a lot of difficult to roll the dough and cut the cookies,although I followed all the recipe steps, the dough started melting down just after 5 min I took it out of the freezer. So I had to keep freezing it for 20 min, cut some cookies pieces and when they started to melt I had to put it back on the freezer for other 20 min. Then cut another pieces, and repeat this operation for more 5 or six times, till all the dough was cut.

You might already imagine that in the second round of this operation my son had already left me and I had to do all the work alone.  But when I finally finished and all of them were on the oven, the smell of fresh-baked cookies was fantastic, and at the end everyone approved the result. Even not looking at all like with the cookies of the recipe photo, our cookies came out delicious and we ate almost everything in the same day.

Tomorrow morning we are planning to repeat our baking fun and  prepare another Gingerbread cookies for the Christmas day. We heard that Santa Claus loves cookies!!! So we just wanna be sure that if he comes tomorrow night he will find the most delicious Gingerbread cookies by the Christmas tree!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!



  1. Baking can be a quite experience sometimes. It is a matter to find the right recipe and the one that works for us. I remembered when I was pregnant of my boy trying to make the butter cookies and put the dough on the cookie presser. It didn’t work at all. I had so much pain in my back after standing for such a long time trying to make the cookies. Anyway, I am sure the cookies were delicious and you and your boy had a lot of fun together. Maybe next Christmas, you come here and we can bake together!

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