Saying goodbye to 2013

After all the Christmas celebration, when we had a great time with our family and ate more than ever, we are spending the the last days of 2013 in our favourite place on earth, by the beach!


2013 has been a tough year. Although good things happen, like starting my own blog and finishing an important family project, we had some deceptions too. Some things just didn’t happen like we expected. But that is life right???  When things doesn’t happen the way we would like to,  we have to reinvent ourselves. And that’s when we learn!!

So those last days of 2013, we (me, my son and husband) will spend resting by the beach, having fun together, looking back to 2013 and trying to learn from our mistakes and successess, and  making plans for 2014!!

I’m not really sure if this would be the last post of the year, I’m really not planning to be much online those days. So, I wish everyone a great New Year’s eve, and that 2014 be an awesome year!!!




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