Welcome 2014!!!

It was a great New Year’s Eve!!

For the first time in 5 years my husband, my son and I spent the New Year’s Eve in a New Year’s party!! Since my son was born we always spent New Year’s Eve the three of us at home, in our own family celebration, but this year we decided it was time to celebrate in a big party!

We attended the Windsor Barra Hotel New Year’s party and we had a lovely time!!! The party’s theme was ” A night in Marrakesh”.

Good food, beautiful decoration, nice music and cheerful people, made the right atmosphere for our son’s first Reveillon party! And as a big boy, he bravely resisted awake until midnight to welcome 2014!!!

Around ten minutes before midnight everyone went outdoors to watch the Hotel’s fireworks. It was a great way to begin the New Year!

IMG_6117 IMG_6118 IMG_6129 IMG_6130 IMG_6132 IMG_6133 IMG_6137 IMG_6135 IMG_6136 IMG_6139 IMG_6153 IMG_6156 IMG_6159 IMG_6164 IMG_6165And you how was your New Year’s Eve?

Happy 2014!!!



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