The jellyfish episode

2010-10-20 15.16.38

Those jellyfish caught my attention when we were visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, in California, in 2012.  I was delighted by their beauty!! But those beauties can be extremely dangerous for us human beings.

A little accident we had in the beach last week reminded me of those exotic creatures. My little boy was stung by a jellyfish while we were playing in the water in Barra da Tijuca beach, Rio de Janeiro.

The sea was flat and the water temperature perfect. We were having fun playing ball, jumping the waves and watching sun going down. It was a perfect afternoon in the beach, until he started to feel a burning sensation on his ankle. We immediately left the water and when we saw the redness on his skin we figured out he had been stung by a jellyfish.

We left the beach earlier than we expected to take care of him. While I gave him a quick bath (washing the injury with fresh water is not recommended, but I didn’t know it at that time), my husband went to the drugstore to buy some medicine and there he knew that our son was not the only one who was stung by jellyfishes that day.

Fortunately it wasn’t a serious injury.  Even though feeling an unbearable pain (in his own words), he was a brave boy, and behaved better than I expected. The medicine my husband bought didn’t diminish the pain, the only thing that made the pain go away was an ice pack on the area.

The other day in the beach we saw many of those jellyfishes in the water and talking with other people we knew that many people were stung by them too.

In summer they are quite common in some of Rio de Janeiro beaches. So if you are in Rio have a nice look in the water before jumping in the sea and in case you are stung by one of them get out of the water immediately, and wash the area with seawater to deactivate stinging cells. Depending on the severity of the injury look for medical assistance.

We were lucky this time, but it could have been a bad injury!




  1. There is an well known glass artist who lives in Seattle that has done some beautiful jelly fishs in glass and while I think they we beautiful we foget how dangerous they can be. I hope is better now.

  2. I was there 5 days ago and my girlfriend and I were swimming and we came close to a patch of about 6 jellyfish, Luckily we were able to swim away before we got stung. We spotted about 5 jellyfish that had come ashore as we got out of the water, and we decided that was enough to end our aquatic adventures for the day.

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