Through the car window

IMG_6184 IMG_6191 IMG_6206 IMG_6198 IMG_6235 IMG_6238 IMG_6227 IMG_6270 IMG_6273
Driving along the avenues that surrounds Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is something we usually do on the weekends. Lagoa neighborhood is always on our way to many different spots in Rio.

On the weekends many cariocas go to Lagoa’s recreational areas to spend their time practicing sports, like walking, running, biking or just enjoying their time drinking coconut water by the lake, while watching others practicing watersports like rowing and  wakeboard.

For us, who are always avoiding crowds, we prefer other more quiet areas in the summer.

But I have to admit that Lagoa is a very photogenic place! And yesterday while my husband was driving I took my camera and took some photos through the car window.

I hope you like them!!

Have a nice week!!



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