Melting down

2013-03-13 13.36.58

Praia Vermelha, Urca, Rio de Janeiro

Some months ago I mentioned here that the weather was weird in Rio, at that time I really didn’t imagine how summer would really be . Now that post sounds to me like a bad prediction. The weather in Rio this summer is really being much worse than I had suspected.

Since the first days of 2014, Rio is facing one of the worst heat waves in the last 50 years. And the high temperatures are keeping me more time at home than I have planned.

I wish I was strolling around the city and sharing with you interesting things that are going on in Rio lately, but with all this heat I just don’t have energy to go out.

This photo I took months ago, when it was still kind of easy to find an empty space in front of the sea. Now the beaches are all crowded, from sunday to sunday (we are in the middle of the school holidays). Finding a little piece of sand for yourself is something almost impossible and the scorching heat, with temperatures reaching 40°C (104F) easily, are keeping us inside with the air conditioner on the most time we can.

The forecasts say this heat will last until the end of march. If they are really right, I don’t know how I’m gonna survive. In case I don’t show up here for a while, probably I will be melted down!! But don’t worry as a brazilian and carioca girl, I will recover!!!




  1. Ah, this heat is exhausting isn’t it? It also makes me 2 hour commute rather uncomfortable. I know most people here don’t agree with me, but I still love the heat! I hope it lasts until the end of March so we can enjoy a good sunny carnaval! 😀

    1. Yes definitely the freezing cold of the north hemisphere winter must be much worse than this heat!! But as you said it is so uncomfortable.I have to admit that I prefer Rio in autumn and winter is so much more pleasant, although I agree that summer in Rio has a lively atmosphere that we don`t have in no other season of the year!!. Thanks for stopping by!!

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