Another weekend in Rio

2013-03-31 11.06.39

Sometimes I got a little tired of the repetitive routine of spending summertime in Rio.  It is all about going to the beach, going to the beach and going to the beach…

It is seems that when talking about summer in Rio, everything happens by the beach. Rio beaches are livelier in the summer. Tourists and cariocas of all ages enjoying the endless entertainment options that Rio beaches have to offer: water sports, music events, stunning sunsets and much more. But all of this means crowded beaches, and it can sounds strange, but this is why we avoid going to the beach in summer. As a couple with a 5 year-old boy we avoid crowded places the most we can.

But this saturday we’re going to do something different.  A very special friend is celebrating her birthday in a beach party this afternoon and me and my husband will be meeting  up friends while my mom watch our son. I know the beach will be crowded but I’m sure we’re gonna have lots of fun.

Although it would be great to bring my DSLR with me to document this party, I will let it at home. I don’t want to be worried about my camera and I decided to take with me only a small point-and-shoot camera to capture the best moments.

Well, that’s my plans for today, and you, what are your plans for the weekend? I would love to know!!

Have a great weekend everyone.



    1. Unfortunately, cold cold never.. I remember when I was a child that in our winter sometimes it used to get a little cold… like 17°C or even less, but lately, winters feels like summer with pleasant weather…

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