Beach party

Last saturday we could feel a little of  Rio’s summer atmosphere when a close friend celebrated her birthday in Ipanema Beach, Posto 10.

There are a lot of events going on the beaches of Rio’s south zone in the weekends. And last saturday, one of the attractions of the Project Summer Rio (Verão Rio), organized by “O Globo” newspaper with the partnership of Rio’s City Hall, was the party “Noite do Vinil” (Vinyl’s night). From a stage on the sand of  Ipanema Beach, just beside Posto 10, DJ Pedro Bastos  entertained  people who were enjoying a beautiful  and hot afternoon playing rock, pop, soul and brazilian music only playing vinyl records.

The beach was just perfect that day. At that time , around 5.30 pm,  many people were still in the beach enjoying that hot afternoon. To cool down we took a dip in the sea and had some beers.

It was a very carioca birthday party! My friend was happy! A beautiful location, good friends, good music and a stunning sunset was definitely a great way to celebrate her birthday!

We had a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy the photos!!



  1. That night shot is beautiful. Is that Posto 10 a specific spot on the beach? So, say meet me at Posto 10 and everyone know where to find each other?

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