Rio Life: ups and downs

IMG_2656When I decided to write a blog, I thought how it could be interesting to share with people my own point of view of a life in Rio de Janeiro.

One of  the first things that came to my mind was that in my blog I could show a different Rio writing about all the different and interesting things Rio has to offer. I would like to show everyone that Rio is much more than beautiful beaches and carnival. I wanted to share a little of  the culture and Rio lifestyle from the point of view of someone who has always lived in Rio. But since I started writing My Little Rio Journal I was avoiding writing the “ugly” side of Rio, and all the problems Rio has.

It is kind of natural to post beautiful things, beautiful photos but lately I started to  think how it could be useful if I talked a little about real life in Rio too   .

Yes , Rio is not only about beautiful sunsets, happy people having fun all day long in the beaches, and stunning landscapes. As a city in Brazil, still considered a third-world country, we have a lot of huge problems. Corrupted politicians,bad public services, insufficient public transports and inefficient public security policies, are some of the problems that make living in Rio quite a challenge.

Rio is still a great city, but I’m kind of tired of all those problems and I really don’t see light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes I’m  a little frustrated lately. Maybe it has to do with an unpleasant event my husband and son watched last sunday in our neighborhood.  They saw just a few steps from them a lady being mugged by a thief on a bike. The criminal just took off the lady’s necklace and continued riding his bike. Fortunately  nobody got hurt and all  she lost was her necklace, but that really got me upset.

I hope I’m not scaring  anyone who is planning to visit Rio, but if you are planning to come security is definitely an issue that will deserve your attention.

So it is already time to write something about it here and I decided to share with you some basic tips about how stay safe in Rio de Janeiro.Once in a while I will dedicate a post to share safety tips or any kind of advice for a nice and safety stay/life in Rio.

I plan to post the first one in the next few day. So if you’re planning to visit Rio for Carnival, for business, for the World Cup or just for vacation. Stay tuned!



    1. Great you’re coming for the World Cup!!! It is really shame this security problem!!! Well, anyway, my next post will be about this, so, you can check it out and in case of any doubt don’t hesitate to contact me. ; )

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