Tapioca for breakfast

After 3 months indulging in cookies, lots of ice cream and having pizza for dinner in almost every weekend, besides not exercising in a regular basis you can imagine what happened. I gained back those 3 kilos that I’m always fighting back and that last year I finally managed to lose with a rigorous poor wheat diet and regular running training. So I’m officially back to square one when talking about maintaining my weight.

But last week as school holidays ended and I have the afternoons for myself while my kid is in school I decided it was time to stop giving excuses and start back my ever lasting diet and exercising routine. Since my nutritionist has taught me that tapioca is one kind of gluten-free flour that I can use to substitute wheat flour, I’m kind of in love with it.

Today for breakfast I made tapioca filled with cheese, tomatoes and basil (tapioca is a kind of pancake made with tapioca flour). It is so easy to make and the result is so delicious that I just got a little addicted to it and once in a while I make it for breakfast or for an afternoon snack.

All you have to do is put a non stick frying pan to heat up, and then put the tapioca flour directly on the dry pan until the flour fuses on low heat, to avoid burning. Flip it once and top it with  cheese or as you like it.

The result is delicious!!!

IMG_4987 IMG_4990

If you got curious about tapioca flour and want to understand a little more about it , take a look at this post by Saskia in her blog A Taste of Brazil or this other one by Tom in his blog EatRio .

If you ever come to Brazil you got to try tapioca. In Rio you will find them in many street food carts, in some cafes and sometimes in your hotel’s breakfast. Enjoy it!!!






    1. Maybe you can find in the brazilian store. But pay attention when buying it, because there are many kinds of mandioca. To do thoses “pancake” you must use the “goma hidratada de tapioca”, don’t know how to say it in english! xoxo

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