Rio Beach Vendors

Little by little I am starting to play in the street photography field.  Street photography is something that always attracted me but I had always been a little afraid of shooting people in the streets. But after reading some tips in some photography blogs , I decided to adventure myself a a little bit using my cellphone camera as a first step to exercise getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve been sharing some of those photos on my Instagram @mylittlerio

But last saturday, in Barra da Tijuca Beach I had my camera with me. And while my son played with my husband I decided to have my first official street photography shooting. As it was Carnival saturday, there were a lot of beach vendors selling all kind of stuff. Ice-cream, cookies, bikinis, “cangas” and everything you can imagine, and it just crossed my mind that they would be a great subject for my photos.

So, from under my sunshade I took the photos bellow. Although they are not as good as I wished, I felt happy for being able to do it!

IMG_6871 IMG_6902 IMG_6903 IMG_6904 IMG_6905 IMG_6906 IMG_6907 IMG_6894 IMG_6897 IMG_6900


  1. You know I randomly took some photos of people on the street and their was this one lady shouted at me : You have to ask permission first!
    After that I kinda of hesitated in taking photos of people on the street. Any tips?

    1. Yes, I totally understand you! That`s why I was afraid of taking photos of people too. In the case of this photos as my son and husband were playing by the shore, and I was seated under our sunshade, I just pretended I was taking photos of my family. But I found interesting tips here . His blog is about street photography and he shares great tips how to be an invisible photographer…Hope you like them. Thanks for the comment! Cristina

  2. A great start. It was explained to me that street photography meant making contact with the person you are about to shoot so you get a sense of their personality (or something). I have never been able to do it and so have relegated myself to landscapes. But maybe one day I will take your lead and try with a cell phone. Thank you!

  3. The photos look great! I am hesitant to take photos of people on the streets too. I kind try to pretend I am shooting my kids. I am also trying to get out of my comfort zone. It is hard, though. You did great! Xoxo

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