Changing my mind

It is funny how life changes and how the experiences we live during our lifetime can change our opinion about something.

As you might imagine by the photos I’ve been posting lately, I’m living quite near Copacabana beach.

I had never liked Copacabana neighborhood very much. When I thought about Copacabana it always came to my mind the busy and noisy streets, the crowded sidewalks of Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana and  all those street vendors seeking tourists to buy their brazilian souvenirs.

Copacabana beach itself has never  been one of my favorite beaches in Rio, maybe because my parents had never taken me there when I was a kid,or just because I always thought that it was just for tourists.

But now, that I’m living around here, I’m having the opportunity to know and experiment the nice and pleasant things about Copacabana. I am discovering that there are different “Copacabanas” in the big Copacabana neighborhood  and that there is just a perfect spot for yourself. Walking on the sand of Copacabana beach  I just found out that Copacabana is probably the most democratic beach in Rio de Janeiro.

You will find lots of tourists,but also lots of cariocas praticing sports like beach volley, beach soccer, stand up paddle surf and body boarding. You will find elderly people doing their morning walk, or couples with kids just playing around in the water.

And also lots of  cyclists riding their bikes and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Copacabana beach. Yesterday afternoon I joined them and did my first ride through Copacabana’s beach cycle lane.

It was a pleasant ride! After two days of heavy rain, the temperature in Rio has finally reached pleasant levels.  In 30 minutes I rode from Posto 6 to Leme and then back to Posto 6. I was a nice workout for myself .

In one month living near Copacabana beach I have to admit that I changed my mind about Copacabana. Of course Copacabana has many problems, like many others neighborhoods in Rio, but I would say that I am even starting to like it!

For those who have already come to Rio, what was your impression about Copacabana beach? I’d love to here your opinion about it!




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  1. It is funny! When I think of Copacabana the first thing that comes to my mind is the busy streets and tons of traffic. I don’t like Copacabana myself. Maybe it is because, I could never experience it from the point of view of a resident like you are doing it now. I am sure Copacabana has plenty to offer. And I can’t wait for you to show me next time I am in Rio. Xoxo

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