Sister Love

Today is a very special day! Besides being Good Friday, a day filled with all the special meaning behind this Christian date, today is my big sister’s birthday!!

So I dedicate this post to her!! Quiqui, my big sister, the girl behind Notas in Fashion and While Eating Macarons, who loves Paris, macarons and photography, and lives in New York.

I wished I was there by your side to hug you, make a special chocolate cake for you and sing Happy Birthday with our kids! Unfortunately miles and miles keep us apart today, but my heart is always with you, my big sister, my best friend and my inspiration for so many things in life.

Thanks for being the best sister in the world! Love you !!!

As a birthday gift, a special photo from our trip to Paris in 2007. We had a great time together visiting Versailles, taking thousand photos and going on that “Da Vinci Code tour”, do you remember?! I wish that soon we can come back there, now with our kids!!!


Paris lights, from the top of the Eiffel Tower, 2007

Enjoy your day!!!! Happy Birthday!!!




  1. I love you too! Thanks for this beautiful post! Of course, I remember that trip! It was so nice to see Paris for the first time by your side. Yes, we should go back there now with the kids! Xoxo

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