Reflections on Rio

Yesterday, April 23rd,  it was a local holiday in Rio de Janeiro, the celebration of Saint George’s Day. It was a cloudy and quiet day, perfect for some reflection on Rio de Janeiro future.

After a 4-day-weekend, from Good Friday til Tiradente’s national holiday on monday, tuesday was quite calm, until the end of the afternoon, when we were surprised with another violent episode in Pavao-Pavaozinho and Cantagalo favela, two favelas between Ipanema and Copacabana neighborhoods.

Pavao-Pavaozinho residents burned barricades to protest after a young man was found dead in the favela. Police blocked streets next to one of the access of Morro do Cantagalo in Copacabana neighborhood. Although the reason of the man’s death is still not clear, “Favela’s” residents blame the police for the death.

To understand better what happened, you can check what international press has published about it ( here or here or here ).

Streets were blocked and the feeling of insecurity was back not only for those who live in the favelas or in the favelas surroundings, but for all cariocas. Unfortunately it seems that Rio de Janeiro’s State Security Office has still a lot of work to do in order to bring real peace for all Rio residents.

Thankful we weren’t reached by this sad incident, but we are all feeling quite apprehensive trying t o answer the question “when we will finally get rid of this violence that persists to haunt Rio?”

To clear my mind of all those worries, yesterday in the club, while my son played with friends I took some photos of those pretty flowers.

After all, life goes on.

IMG_7557 IMG_7561





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