Weekend review

And our last weekend began like that… On saturday morning we woke up early and rode


through Ponte Rio-Niterói to attend a friend’s barbecue party in Saquarema, a small beach town in Região dos Lagos, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Saquarema is around 100 km far from Rio de Janeiro city and besides being a small and rustic town, it is quite popular between surfers for the perfect waves and for the surfing championships.

IMG_7669 IMG_7685


The road that lead us to Saquarema crosses rural areas and I couldn’ t help taking some photos, while my husband drove.

IMG_7712 IMG_7723

Although it was a quick trip, my son kept asking me ” Did we arrive yet, mom?”

We knew we were close to our friends house, when we saw the beautiful Lagoa de Saquarema.


Our plans were enjoying the barbecue party during the day and in the end of the afternoon ride to Buzios, to spend the rest of the weekend there.

Buzios is a kind of resort town, also in Região dos Lagos, still in Rio de Janeiro state, and it is one of our favourite destinations for weekend gettaways in Rio de Janeiro. It has beautiful beaches, a small village with charming stores for shopping or just window shopping and good restaurants.

And things went just right we planned. Later this week I will share with you a little of our time in Buzios.

Have a great week everyone!!




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