30 days and counting….

2013-06-02 13.56.53

Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 30 days the World will finally know if Brazil is ready to host an event like the World Cup. Next June 12th, the World Cup officially begins! Besides being concerned if everything is going to be ready on time and feeling ashamed for my country for all the serious delays in stadiums and infra-structure constructions and for the costs over the budget, I will confess, I’m anxious for the World Cup.

Although I share the same feeling as many Brazilians that all the money spent building Fifa standard stadiums could be better used in education and health services, I can’t hide how excited I am to be hosting a World Cup. As someone born in Brazil, “the land of Footbal”as people used to say years ago, I just can’t avoid the feeling of excitement and anxiety and I wish very very hard, that the World Cup will be another big party, just like Carnival or Reveillon and that we can celebrate together with all the visitors from different nations that are coming to enjoy the World Cup.

Well, time is ticking and I’m counting days for the World Cup begins.

I’m anxious to seeing all the visitors from all different countries holding their country flags in the streets, I’m anxious to join a betting pool to predict the games results with my friends just for the fun, I’m anxious to wear my Brazil’s t-shirt and watch Brazil games eating pop corn with my family, I’m anxious to hear everyone shouting “goooool” when Brazil scores from  my window, I’m anxious for watching my first World Cup game in Maracanã, I’m anxious for seeing everything going well!

Well, I know problems will happen, but I am an optimistic person and I believe everything is gonna turn out well.

Welcome for those who are coming to Brazil for the World Cup!!!! Let” s Party!!!



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