A foreign look over Brazil’s World Cup

The brazilian sports channel SporTV is carrying a report series about the brazilian cities that will be hosting World Cup games. The series is focused on how prepared is Brazil to receive the football fans that are coming for the World Cup and shows the opinion of foreigners about their experience in those cities.

The series “Olhar Estrangeiro” (“A foreign look”) is presented by the american Mark Lassise and is on TV every thursday on the TV Show “Tá na área” on SporTV channel, and is already on the second season.

In each episode Mark visits a city that will host the World Cup games to check if the city is ready. He shares his own experience as a foreigner focusing in the conditions of the city’s airport, communication with locals, conditions of public transport and the Fifa stadium itself.

If you’re coming to attend one of the World Cup games you definitely should check it out. Although some parts are spoken in portuguese, all of Mark’s opinions about the city are in english and I think it can be very useful for those who are coming to Brazil in the next month.

In this post I share with you the Rio de Janeiro episode, from the first season of the series, filmed just before the Fifa Conferations Cup, in June 2013. In the second season he is visiting the 12 cities that will host World Cup games.

If you have the chance check on the Sportv web page for the videos of the second season. Just click on the magnifying lens icon and type “olhar estrangeiro” . Or if you prefer, check the facebook page of the series and check videos and photos.



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