The 2014 World Cup Album Fever

Since my little boy started getting interested in football, two years ago, we started collecting football sticker albums.  Since them we completed three sticker albums, two of the Brazilian Football Championship, the 2012 and 2013 editions, and the 2013 Fifa Confederations Cup sticker album.

As a dedicated mother, my role in this play is not only buying those expensive stickers wrappers, and helping him to stick them into the album, but I am also in charge of swapping the duplicates with other parents in school. The excitement in the eyes of my little son when ripping the packets to check if he got the stickers that he needs is payless.

This year with the World Cup happening in our country, we started collecting the Fifa World Cup Sticker Album and our target is to get it completed before the World Cup begins. And we are almost there, there are only 10 stickers missing to complete the album!

Here in Brazil, not only kids like my son has the dream of having the Fifa World Cup Sticker album filled, it seems that everybody, young people, adults, old people, share this same dream. It is like a fever that has caught everyone around here. Everywhere we go we see people swapping stickers near newspaper booths, in schools, in clubs, in malls, in bars, in restaurants, in offices, everywhere!

A friend told me that the other day when he was having dinner in a restaurant with his kids, one of the waitress, when seeing that his kids had the World Cup Album, asked them if they wanted to swap stickers. Can you believe it?

I just wonder if this fever has arrived in any other countries that will have their national teams competing in Brazil’s World Cup. Have any of you seen anyone swapping the World Cup stickers in your town? I would love to hear from you!



  1. My filho and I went to a store yesterday and bought two shirts. He got a green one with the word Brazil on the back and I got a yellow shirt with the words “Brazilian Girl”. Rsrs! I bet Brazil is getting excited for all the guests and tourists for the World Cup!!!

    1. That sounds great that you are getting prepared to support Brazil for the World Cup!! Well, you’re right we’re getting quite excited , we only have two weeks till the official beginning!! Good to see you around here! ; beijos, Cris

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